Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Safe And Secure Way Of Moving Your PC In Car

When you got less possession and the distance you are covering is less risky and you are well aware with the route then it becomes easy to carry out a DIY move whether with the help of your friend’s car or yours, but there is one thing you need to fulfill before you take a step with the packing and moving get the right knowledge for the required #Household possession. You got right resources but if you lack in right knowledge you can't make a successful move. Today, we Packers and Movers in Mumbai are bringing you with the guide of best practices one need to apply while moving fragile, bulky and expensive item like PC in car.

Sometimes deciding to carry your valuable fragile within your car is a right step, even if you are hiring professional it's always a better option to carry your valuables with you as the risk of uncertainties involved in moving is not 100% eliminated even with the help of high quality. Don't you think it's better to have your fragile in your sight so; you can adjust its position anytime you want and we will guide you with the process so you can execute an ace #move.

Steps to prepare your PC for the move

We can't just take our computer and place it inside a car, before we carefully pack them in required material. No matter how carefully you drive neglecting this step will lead to great damage of your possessions so follow us and secure your move.

  • Your first and foremost step in moving your PC safely is gathering a box which suits it perfectly, if you have preserved that original #packing of your PC or computer than it's well and good otherwise visit a local electronic store and ask for spare box which can meet your PC needs.  Also follow the same for mouse, keyboard, headphones and speakers.
  • Make sure the box you use is sturdy and thick walled.
  • Gather some bubble wrap or thermocol sheets.
  • Packing tape, zip lock bag and scissors.
  • Marker and sticky notes.
  • And gather some spare and old towels, socks and blanket.

Packers and Movers in Mumbai use systematic #shifting approach while executing any type of move so you can enjoy a satisfying #moving experience.

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Time for execution

  1. Take a back up your computer data in a hard disk or portable hard disk so you can be #safe from data crashing while setting up your PC in new home.
  2. Wait! Before you begin with #packing don't forget to take a snap of your set up like which where is plugged where, so you can assemble them easily in your new home. Also before you go for dismantling try to look for manual either online or offline and follow it for neat work. Packers and Movers Mumbai also provide Storage and Removal Services to #household owners as well as corporate units.
  3. The vital key for safeguarding your asset is to pack them separately, to avoid a hassle of reassemble don't try to #move your PC in the same state it won't give you any good, instead dissemble every possible piece and then pack each of them separately, carefully #pack any screws and nuts in zip lock bag, wire the cords so they don't tangle during the process.
  4. Time for wrap- wrap, pack your computer items in bubble wrap and secure the end with the help of tape. Also for the desktop try to do a double coat for extra care.
  5. Step up the space, if you have original packing then you just need to put some pieces on the place like placing thermocol supports in the box and then placing a PC parts. If you don't have those than secure the bottom of the box with crumbled papers or old towels, socks or blanket then place your good, fill any vacant space still remaining in the box with some crumbled paper or air filled wraps. Also if you are able to gather thermocol sheets then for the flat space you can go for them for an example, to fill up the space in your desktop box.
  6. Labeling is must when you wanna segregate something from others like you wanna place a handle with care sticker to your fragile box, so they can be handle more attentively during the moving and packing process. Follow the same for your PC or any box you are willing to move with you in your car so they don't get mix up with others and shifted in moving truck. Move your fragile’s safely with the help of #Movers and #Packers #Mumbai experts who are not only well trained but well versed with the moving techniques.

Time load it up

All done with the #packing now time for #loading, if your PC is relatively big in size load it first in car but make sure not to put any load on top and if it's not then you can save it for last. Try to adjust your pc box right behind your passenger seat which can be pulling forward in need of extra space. Just make sure wherever you place your PC it is surrounded by some shock absorbing materials like the box is placed on towel and surrounded by linens.

Packers and Movers Mumbai got the proficient operational team for executing pacing and #moving job so to leave no room for error.