Thursday, August 26, 2021

Before You Move Know What It's Like To Live In A Beach Town

That beautiful sunset on a beach is really a bliss, for some people living near a beach is in their bucket list, so whenever they get urge to enjoy the beauty of beach they can walk or peddle and can get their in a minute. Maybe they wanna start their mornings by doing yoga and wanna bath in that sweet sunrise. You can imagine right how blissful it will feel in reality? But like every coin have two sides living in a beach have it's own drawbacks too. So here we are, Packers and Movers in Mumbai to help you in deciding what is #best for you, so shall we see why you can #move to a beach town.

Being close to nature is enough reason to move, and when you love beaches then what excuse can stop you. Sunny days, cool waves, rhythmic sound of waves are an anti depressants and an perfect environment of promote healthy living. These are the enough reason to make a strong points in favour of #moving to the beach.


Moving to a beach is whole new experience, if you were fade up with paying high electricity bills then moving will save you now no more heating bills in winter and no more A/c's maintenance and bill headache because mother nature will handle it well throughout the year. When packing for move know before what things will not be of any use when you start living there like winter gloves, snow shovel and parka so you can get rid of them in time and can avoid wastage of time and effort. The coast boasts moderate climates so, #pack accordingly.

The beach:

Moving to a beach town definitely means you love beaches otherwise what’s the occasion for moving there. Depending on where you are moving you are just minute away from enjoying that beach view you can go there from bike, car or if it's not so far then can take a good walk. If you are a content creator or you tuber then you know this is a great place to add more value to your content you can click good water life pictures, can do creative thing's using the beach view, there are lot to do when you set your mind on creativity.

If you are not on a vacation then you can explore for new hobby like volleyball, fishing, sailing or surfing. Looking for #safe storage space in Mumbai then Contact Packers and Movers in Mumbai for #storage and #warehousing facility.

Healthy environment:

You will be glad to know that doctors have recommended visiting a beach once in a year if you are facing obesity, anxiety or Depression. Also salt air can be helpful for relieving some breathing issues while beach sand is a good scrubber when it comes to removing dead skin.

Also it is considered that listening to a wave sound will give you a peace and will be helpful for maintaining healthy mind and body.

Household Shifting in Mumbai


When you live near to such a beauty you may expect some extra guest's, may be your cousin who haven’t contacted you from a years suddenly wants to catch up at your home during vacation, due to beach town. If you don't want much interference then it's #best to set the boundaries before you #move.

Reasons to reconsider your choice.


As it's a beach town people who have vacation home there will stay for 2 to 3 months and if it's a tourist attracted town then you will facing crowd in banks, grocery store, at your favourite restaurants, or at hair salon, as there may be limited recourse but the demand will be high. Wanna Move your pet and plant from long distance safely? Doesn’t worry call Movers and Packers Bandra Mumbai.

Home cost:

Depending on your beach town the cost of living may vary, if you live in a famous place where there is frequent visit of tourist and outsider then the demand for house is more so the rent.

Also if you wanna purchase the house then due to salt air the paint damage faster and the normal wear and tear cost will be little up then the uptown home costs. Also you have to take care of flood insurance and pay higher home insurance premium.


If you live near to beach you will find sand every wherein your car, cooler, shoes, bicycle, or may be in your pocket, at first it will be like welcome reminder, it will remind you are where you wanna be but after a while it will become annoying like sand everywhere you have to clean your house I don't know how many times it will take in a day to feel your home tidy and clean. Looking for effective #Packing tips then check out Movers and Packers Guide.


We know beach town isn't sunny always, it faces tsunamis and coastal storms. Also there you won't snow there but that chilly wind blows are enough to make you that much cold.

Also having too much vitamin D, means sun have some negative consequences like wrinkles, age spot and tanning even if you apply lots of sunscreens.

No matter wherever you are moving #Local #Packers and #Movers in #Mumbai are ready to assist you with their qualified team, they are just one call away.

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