Friday, July 17, 2020

How Can You Shuffle Your House Plants To New Home With – Packers And Movers In Mumbai?

You all know that packing and shifting is not that completed now with the top and best Packers and Movers Mumbai. Shifting and moving is a situation which can be occurred or planned at sudden cases. Many immediate actions were taken from families to move their houses immediately – obviously they have several reasons to do so but at the end the only thing which can break you is how to pack and move. To sort out your problem #Packers and #Movers #Mumbai has introduced the one night & one day moving journey as a solution to your problem where you can move within a day [depending on the distance].

Sometimes moving fast is not a query but #moving #safe becomes a high topic to over-think. If you’re reading or listening to our name for the first time – then definitely this would be your first move in life. Because packers and movers in Mumbai is a well-known repudiated name in the industry of packing and shifting; and working from last 19 years we have built our image and a connection with several families. With such a huge family in worldwide Packers and Movers Mumbai has been really working hard to stand in every of your problem and serve you the best solution for it. Recently we have completed several moves where we were supposed to relocate the house plants. We appreciate those peoples who are a nature lover, love to grow plants and taking care like there own son’s or daughters. If you get any chance to shift your house for your well-being and prosperity than #Movers and #Packers #Mumbai would love to help you in relocating your houses.

No matter where you want to move, we will definitely help you. Though if you have decided to shift to Mumbai or from Mumbai to another city or state or even moving locally into Mumbai you can hire the Top and Best Packers and Movers Mumbai for this #relocation.

This is the major query as Mumbai is getting blessed with heavy rains in this monsoon season once again, and shifting in such a weather can harm the house plants. Because house plants are especial plants which don’t need much of water to grow, they’re delicate in nature and needs more care than the other plants or tress in the garden or forests. They require extra attention, less or limited sunlight sometimes, fresh air of course and limited water to have healthy and long life. So, if they got hurt during the monsoon then you might see them destroying in front of your eyes within a blink. That’s why we suggest you to hire or follow professional guide to relocate or shuffle your house plants.

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NOTE: the very first thing which is to be bothered – look for a separate and nice space for your house plants and shifting to a rental house. Make this point clear with them about keeping plants in your apartment. However, no one is going to abuse or stop you for this – instead they would love, but still make it clear from your side.

What you’ll require to wrap your house plants?
  1. A sturdy box to pack each pot or can even plan for tough plastic containers
  2. If having clay pot then make sure to transfer your plants into a plastic pot for better durability (later you can exchange again)
  3. Sterilized potting soil
  4. Newspaper or packing paper
  5. Bubble wraps
  6. Plastic bags
  7. Paper towels for covering the pots

NOTE: shift your plants from clay pot – to – plastic pots or containers a few weeks before so that they can settle down and plant them with fresh, sterile soil. Also keep in mind to water them well 2-3 days before the moving date so that soil is moist [ not be too wet] so, that they can go without a water for 7-9 days of moving {if the move takes}. Also make this point into your crucial list – the roots should stay damp during the relocation.

How to pack a plant with a pot?
  1. The very first thing you need to do is – place a plastic bag at the bottom of the pot and tie it properly to keep the soil contained.
  2. Test your box well before you put your plant, check is it strong enough to take the weight of your plant. Also, for extra protection tape the bottom of the box to ensure the full safety.
  3. Once you put the plant into box, fill the empty space with newspaper so that the plant can breathe and also it has safety from #moving or shaking inside the box during the transit. Because shaking or waving of a plant during the shipment can cause huge damage to leaf’s, flowers and even the whole plant.
  4. Do not forget to label your box with “Live Plant”. So, the mover can understand and take extra precaution for this.
  5. Since you’ll not be #moving in the moving truck along with your goods so its recommended to ask your mover to keep an eye on your plant and make them drink water in between if felt that the soil is getting dry.