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How To Register A Vote When Relocating To Another State With Top And Professional Movers And Packers In Mumbai

Giving a vote is essential because it proves you be the one identity of this country and your part to make the government. It’s your right to vote and no one can grab this from you; whether you live in the same state or not or either you move to another country, being a matter of citizenship this right is given to every person of the country. So take it as granted and neve miss any vote day.

Okay, so finally you are moving to another state with pro Packers and Movers in Mumbai; how will you register for the voting day, any idea? If not then check the way to apply to the vote day with your favorite : #Packers and #Movers in #Mumbai.

Know your deadline

If your move clashes the vote day or its being nearest then checkout the deadline when the vote day is and when you’ll reach your destination. Because registration make takes time as you know it’s a matter of government and it takes time because lot of documents is being checked for this. So firstly know that a week is left or not for the voting day after you reach to the destination so that you can easily register also make sure to immediately resolve this topic as at the end moment it could be little difficult to register.

Know if you’re already registered?

Well if you already registered and giving votes from years then there will be no issue because you’re not the new candidate and once your voter id is generated you can give your vote from any place of India. So is already registered do not take so much of stress and enjoy your move and give your vote. But one thing is to focus that moving to different state you can definitely vote but you have to register as a citizen of that state now after #Moving so that you can vote because a voter list generated of the area and state; and your name should be there- to confirm this know how to register to vote in new state with Best And Top Packers and Movers Mumbai.

Transportation Shifting in Mumbai

Find out how to register to vote in your new state?

There are three ways to register to vote in new state- says packers and movers in Mumbai.

In- person voter registration:

this is being a clear and easy way to register your name to vote in upcoming election. Go to your local election office because some states of India allow you to register from the office as well; so go and ask the authority for your voter registration, make sure you have your all legal documents with you; it is need any time.

Mail- in registration:

if you’re not allowed to register in election office then ask for the legal mail address where you can send a request to add you as a voter from now in the particular state. This may take time to reply from there side, but confirm the mail from your side says Packers And Movers Mumbai To Bangalore Charges Approx.

Online registration:

it can be another simplest way to register online; take your all documents with you, fill a forum and attach all your documents by scanning it, and register yourself to be apart of the new state from now and can vote on elections.

What need to register to vote?

Remember this may ask you to prove your citizenship of India and also that you were living earlier to this state (with proof) and a proof of changing state (like documents when you enter to new state and legal documents matching to it like moving quotation, bank transfer paper and etc.; this may prove that you’re really settling to this state), also very importantly you also need to prove that you’re not from the criminal background and you don’t have any illegal activity in earlier state. And again very crucial to know that your voter id is genuine and it’s not expired.

Well these above things are very necessary according to packers and movers in Mumbai and remember for your legal documents; like your license, Aadhar card, PAN card, rashan card and etc.

So this is a way to register yourself to vote in another state, when you have shifted to different state with packers and movers in Mumbai.


keep a copy of your legal documents with you in your hand bag safely because while crossing the state border this may be checked for security issues so do not miss it out otherwise you will banned or blocked for hours till you show your identity and the reason why you’re shifting.


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