Thursday, January 18, 2018

Packers And Movers Service Providers Vs. Brokers: Differences, Risks And Benefits In Mumbai

If you are #relocating to a new place from a Mumbai you will be worried whether to go for Packers and Movers in Mumbai or for moving broker, so here I am to help you to find the #best for your #move, so are you ready to learn? Shall we move forward, ok! Come with me. Firstly we will see the difference between the both, so for that let me ask you the one question, is your chosen option is not carrying out the relocation in Mumbai on its own? If not then that’s the moving broker. Firstly we will discuss about the risk and benefits involve in hiring the moving broker for your move in #Mumbai.

Moving broker is the mediator between you and actual service provider and you know what the moving truck, staff and equipment require for the relocation are not theirs. They just ease the work of searching the movers for your move in Mumbai. Brokers give the estimate over the phone or on the internet, they collect the fee form you and give it to the moving company after deducting their commission. They just say that it is cheaper to hire a moving broker than to go directly for #moving company, which seriously I don’t understand because if you go directly than you can save yourself from paying extra for the commission of the broker.

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There are many risk involved in hiring the moving broker for your move:
  1. May be because of the low estimate by the broker, no professional moving company will willing to do the work and so on the moving day you will be left with no #movers.
  2. If by chance you’re moving broker find any moving company in a low estimate than there is a high chance that it can be fraud or the services will be cheaper.
  3. If you do the deal with moving broker, then the #moving company which going to assist you in your move will be in veil for you, then how you can trust with them with your goods, you don’t know anything about the moving company; maybe it is anonymous moving company in Mumbai which can lead to drastic results.
  4. And do you know what if anything happen like that your broker won’t take any responsibility for that. They are not liable for any damage or loss.
  5. Brokers never do physical survey of your home, to assess the #cost.
  6. There are high chances that moving company will charge extra just by saying that oh! We haven’t told to do this work and at last you will left with no option and have to pay high.

If you want to go with the moving broker than only go for the broker who have these traits:
  1. They are in the contract with the moving company.
  2. Registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCS).
  3. Non base or base binding estimates on the tariff of the Movers and Packers in Mumbai that will transport the shipment.

Ultimately for your move they are taking help from the #Packers and #Movers #Mumbai, then don’t you think it’s better to do such work yourself, so to be sure with your choice and avail the best and in a affordable price, so for your move I am going to tell you about professional and best movers that is Packers and Movers in Mumbai. Packers and movers Mumbai are from top 4 premier moving companies in Mumbai, with the help of proficient team and sufficient resources they are serving us from years, that’s why people also call them as #cheap and #best #Packers and #Movers in #Mumbai. Packers and Movers Mumbai #price #quotes only presented to you after doing free survey of your home, so to assess the #cost more accurately. Packers and Movers Mumbai are IBA approved and also lend you an option to avail the insurance. They almost provide all kind of #relocation related services and also lend you an option to hire them, for head to toe services related to your relocation or only for some specifics services according to your #need.

Moving company is the actual firm who carry out the #moving work. The resources, team and the moving truck require will be of there. Their estimates are more accurate then the broker. When you directly contact them, you will see whom you are dealing with; you can see what type of movers you have hired? Here you have a flexibility to choose according to your need, affordability and wants, but when you go for broker you cannot choose any specifics, you have to take whole relocation services for your move.

So, when you are #moving choose wisely, if any time you will the things are not in your hand then just call Packers and Movers Mumbai and unburden yourself.


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