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Most Effective Method To Securely Pack And Move Furniture While Moving In Mumbai

If you are preparing for a move in #Mumbai, whether you decided to #move the furniture by your own or you have not taken full services of Packers and Movers in Mumbai. In such a situation it must that you are aware from effective methods of how to pack furniture for a move safely to avoid any injury, we know furniture occupy large space in our household or office items, #packing them at last will lead to enormous tension because it’s not as easy as we think to pack such large items safely like soda set, table, dining table, closet etc. you should be well prepared by packing the furniture with required items of packing material, equipment, boxes etc. there are some steps below which will be helpful in successful and effective furniture packing and #moving while #relocation in Mumbai. #Indore‬, ‪#India‬, #‪Holkar #Stadium‬, #‪Australia #national #cricket #team‬.‬

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Steps for How to pack furniture:

Prepare a chart of furniture’s

you should well known that what are the number of furniture you want to #pack and relocate, estimate the time each item require to disassemble and packing material require to pack them.

Prepare a list of packing material according to the nature of the furniture

Create a list of items you want to buy, like scissor, bubble wrap, mattress cover, plastic wrap, sheets of cardboard, furniture blankets, old matte, towel etc.

When you are going for buying #packaging material, explain in store what type of furniture you want to pack, and ask for recommendation.

Clean your furniture before move in Mumbai

It make no sense to move out the dirty furniture to your new home, before packing the goods try to clean the dust and polish everything you want to take. This will save your time because before packing those up just clean them.

Vacant the furniture before the move in Mumbai

This will help to move the furniture easily by making them lighter.

Disassemble the items which can be dissemble easily before the move in Mumbai:

Dissembling the items will save your furniture from any damage and scratch and also easily to #transport. Like remove the headboards and footboards of beds.

Check for any manual and material you have for your furniture, this will contain some instructions for how to correctly disassemble or assemble the furniture.

Pack the hardware items of furniture in clear bag with a seal

Pack the items of furniture like screw nuts, bolts in a clear bag and stick them with the furniture, so it will be easy to find when require.

How to proceed for packing  furniture pieces:

Make sure you don’t forget to pack and wrap any of the furniture pieces and item, don’t expose them during the transit, because if any part will lost you cannot make the furniture as it was like before, so in time of dissembling count the pieces and recount them at the time of packing so no part and item will be left behind.

Securely pack the each item with the bubble wrap, stretchable plastic, old towel or cloth.

If you have stored the old boxes of the required item pack them in it only.

Also don’t forget to mark the boxes like assign them the required name, like dining Table legs, drawer of kid’s bed etc. this will lead to time saving when you will be proceeding for assembling the furniture you won’t have to search in each box, you can easily pick up the required item.

Cover the top of the glass table accurately:

Glass is the very delicate item you have give extra take care of its packing, to move it successfully and safely to the destination.

Firstly pack it in some cushioning stuffs like bubble wrap, then provide it some extra thick layer of towel or blanket, some foamy material will be #best for the protection.

After then cover it with plastic wrap, so whatever cloth you have used won’t displace and also provide it the rigidity.

Pack the sofas and other furniture who have some soft material in a special plastic bags

Sofas, chair and many items have soft material which is more likely to prone to damage, scratch, rips and dust, you have cover them in a required and accurate packing material to save it from such.

There are many special plastic bags which are available for packing of such items, you just have to search in stores and even it is available online.

Steps for how to move furniture for a save move in Mumbai

  1. Before the #loading of the goods in the truck cover the bottom of the truck with some towel or mate to save the furniture from damage and scratch.
  2. Give the extra safety to the goods by using the hooks and paneling inside the truck to make them steady.
  3. Load the heavy items first in the moving truck.
  4. Before start the move make sure you have measure the doorways and hallways of both house, so there will be no prob during the shifting, check can goods go through the doors and etc perfectly without any hurdle, to save them from any damage and scratch.

This article is presented by Packers and Movers Mumbai, for any question or aid in #relocation in Mumbai you can contact us. For more reliance on our work you can visit our site and check for packers and mover #Mumbai #reviews.

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