Tuesday, August 29, 2017

How To Deal With An Emotional Move During The Holiday Season In Mumbai

Why we love holidays because it’s the time of joy and gathering, time only for our self and our family, now days we all our so much busy in our schedule we hardly get time for our self and for our loved ones, it’s the holidays what we wait for to regain the joy and happiness of our life by spending time with our family, which we almost cannot get because of the work load, and because of the separation because of the work, job or education. For grapping some better opportunities, maybe there will be a time or a chance where we have to sacrifice this joy of enjoying and gathering and have to shift to the new place, I know this situation how it feels, I can understand this pain, after all I too had faced such, it’s really heartbreaking but what we can do? For the better future of our kids, for education etc we have to go through this pain. Yaaa! Off course what we do is to enjoy the time we still left with our loved ones to the fullest before the #relocation in #Mumbai. Yaaa obviously we are thinking how we will deal with it after the #move? So in this article I am helping you with some suggestion and tips so how you can deal with the emotional #move during the holiday’s season in Mumbai, so shall we start.

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Do the Things which link (remind) you of your home in your new house: keep the things which remind you of your home or things which makes you feel like you are home again, things like the holidays ornaments, follow the patterns or rituals that you used see your mom or elders do that occasion, try to decorate your home with the things your mamma do, incorporate the traditional ways in your ways of that occasion. This will help you to feel your new house as home.

Be in contact with the family and friends: make a lots of phone call, do some video calls, surprise them by sending some presents also attach some cute and lovely messages with gifts.

Do the things which make you feel good whenever you feel low after the relocation: indulge in the activities like playing the song you love to listen, do some work which brings you joy like if you love to draw or write, then do so.

Check out the community where you just shifted: in every cities or country you will find some communities of different religions, which celebrate the occasion according to the religion and tradition. This is the platform to meet many people. You can find so by seeing the local newspaper.

Invite people over and make new friends after relocation: try to communicate with the neighbour, throw some random party and invite the people reside in your locality and also say them to bring their friends or spouse etc. you will able to meet new people and help to know each other better and also know what are the norms and morale of that place, how the things are work here.

Get out of the home and explore the place after relocation: after relocation try to not sit over the home and divert your mind by exploring the place, get out of the house meet new people, if you like to walk go on a park and meet new people, search the best place near your house, place like restaurant some artistic things, museums etc. search and go to the place which is best and famous, where you shifted now. Go for a dinner or lunch and for a movie with the new people, people you have met in the party or nearby. You can also make a trip plan with your new friends and go over there, and try to go on the office trip too.

Chance the taste: go out and eat the food which you love, if you are in other country and cannot get the food you want, then you can try this idea to invite the friends and try the recipe by cooking it yourself or you can ask for the recipe to your mom.

Rent the movies you love: search for the place which provide the facility of renting movie, bring the movies you love and feel good by watching them, and watch them with some cola and popcorn.

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